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Put your
heart into it

With every beat of your heart, the Nymi unlocks a world of possibilities.

Like a fingerprint, your heartbeat is unique.

The Nymi tells the world, you are you, allowing you to securely communicate your identity to all of your favourite devices.

A users hand, demonstrating Nymi in use.

What makes the Nymi work?

Closing the loop opens doors of opportunity

When you clasp the Nymi around your wrist it powers on. By placing a finger on the topside sensor while your wrist is in contact with the bottom sensor, you complete an electrical circuit. After you feel a vibration and see the LEDs illuminate, your Nymi knows you are you and your devices will too. You will stay authenticated until your Nymi is taken off.

Animation (upon scroll) of a finger from the opposite hand touching the top of the Nymi, activating the ID recognition

Secured Convenience

Your identity is no small matter. When it comes to wearable authentication technology you don’t want to sacrifice security and privacy all for the sake of convenience. To us, that’s a sacrifice you should never have to make. The Nymi functions on a 3-factor security system. To take control of your identity you must have your Nymi, your unique heartbeat and an Authorized Authentication Device (AAD), which would be a smartphone or device registered with our app. The Nymi is also built upon the principles of Privacy by Design, which means that only you control and access your identity and personal information.

Anatomy of a Nymi

Anatomy of a Nymi


Our groundbreaking system allows your Nymi to recognize you based on your unique cardiac rhythm. Your devices will then recognize you based on your activated Nymi.



Your Nymi uses Bluetooth Low Energy, allowing for the perfect way to transmit your data while maximizing your battery life. By connecting your Nymi to your devices you can customize program notifications for email, text, social updates and more.


Motion Sensing

With our integrated accelerometer and gyroscope your Nymi can pick up on your movements, allowing for simple gesture recognition. You can use your gestures to perform task-specific commands, such as opening your door or popping your trunk.


Proximity Detection

Not only do we use Bluetooth for communication, we also use it for proximity detection. Your Nymi knows how far away it is from the device it's talking to, keeping you connected to the things that matter.


Personal Design

The Nymi is your device. Like your unique heartbeat, your Nymi and its information belongs to you alone. We've built the Nymi to fit comfortably around your wrist, with sensing surfaces on both the wrist and the top of the Nymi. You can customize your Nymi with our 3 select colours: white, black and orange.


Be the first to build with the Nymi

Lead the way towards new digital opportunities. Be the first to explore the potential of this new technology with a growing community. By developing with the Nymi, you’ll be the first chapter of creating applications that solve daily challenges, and improve your world. Everything from enhanced gaming experiences to safer banking is on the table, ready for your ideas. We’re excited to see what you create.

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